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Beginners Boot Camp

Beginners Boot Camp Features

-Learn to play even if you've never played guitar before

-Learn good habits and technique from the start

-Get past the beginning stages of playing guitar

- Will help you Move on to Beginning/Intermediate level 



                                                                                                                                    Santa Cruz Guitar School                        Other lessons                                                         



Free trial lesson:                                                           Yes                                                     Maybe

Comfy 600 Sq. ft. Guitar Class Room                      Yes                                                     No

Play through real tube amps and effects:              Yes                                                    Maybe


Affordable programs available:                                 Yes                                                    Yes

Fun and easy for beginners:                                       Yes                                                    Sometimes


Opportunities to make new friends:                        Yes                                                    No

55+ discounts :                                                                Yes                                                   No

Student Discounts:                                                        Yes                                                    No

Great for busy adults on the go, or college students.
UCSC/Cabrillo discount available 

Top Benefits of taking guitar lessons from S.C.G.S.

1.Free intro trial lesson

2.Instant live feedback on your playing

3.Learn correct technique/correct bad habits

4.Meet new players/make friends, learn to play with others in a group

5.Overcome frustration and plateaus in your playing

6.Have tons of fun while learning to play real songs

7. Spacious and comfortable 600 sq. ft. studio with great gear

8. Lessons are designed to be, fun and educational. 

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2860 Porter st. Soquel CA
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