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Free trial lesson:                                                           Yes                                                     Maybe

Comfy 600 Sq. ft. Guitar Class Room                      Yes                                                     No

Play through real tube amps and effects:              Yes                                                    Maybe


Affordable programs available:                                 Yes                                                    Yes

Fun and easy for beginners:                                       Yes                                                    Sometimes


Opportunities to make new friends:                        Yes                                                    No

55+ discounts :                                                                Yes                                                   No

Student Discounts:                                                        Yes                                                    No

Beginning Bass class available                                  Yes                                                    Sometimes

Great for busy adults on the go, or college students.
UCSC/Cabrillo discount available 

Top Benefits of taking guitar lessons from S.C.G.S.

1.Free intro trial lesson

2.Instant live feedback on your playing

3.Learn correct technique/correct bad habits

4.Meet new players/make friends, learn to play with others in a group

5.Overcome frustration and plateaus in your playing

6.Have tons of fun while learning to play real songs

7. Spacious and comfortable 600 sq. ft. studio with great gear

8. Lessons are designed to be fun, fun, fun and educational. 

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This is the largest, and most convenient location for Guitar Lessons in Santa Cruz county.

Serving Soquel, Aptos, and Santa Cruz.

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Ages 18-100+ its never too late to learn !

Have fun while learning to play guitar
My lessons are designed to help you have fun while you also learn essential guitar techniques. I make sure you get plenty of time to play in class. 

Man playing acoustic guitar
Female guitarist playing a Les Paul
Are you ready to take your playing to a new level? 

Would you like to learn how to:

Be awesome at jamming with other musicians

Improvise your own solos

Understand Keys/ Music Theory

Write your own riffs

Learn to write your own original music

Learn to play your favorite songs 

Get the best tone from your gear

Learn to read music

Play in a band

Get gigging

Various electric guitars

Styles covered in our program

Classic Rock

Progressive Rock


80's Metal

Shred and Instrumental Rock

Modern Metal

Modern Rock



New Wave






Acoustic Guitar

Learning guitar is for everyone. 
It is a skill like any other that can be learned.
With Patience and hard work you can learn guitar just like anyone else. 

With my guidence and your hard work, you can start sounding the way you want to in just a few months.   

In just a few months you can learn to play: 

Power chords like Sabbath, Mettalica, Zeppelin.

Blues, Rock, and Metal licks like S.R.V., B.B. King, Page, Clapton, Vai, Hammet, Van Halen, and more......

Graceful finger picking

Smooth strumming like McCartney 

Play Reagge and groove like Bob Marley, or The Expendables.

Guitar resting on couch

What are the benefits to joining Santa Cruz Guitar School?

Learn the right things in the right order

Often times when we teach our selves we mean well, but we don't do well. For example perhaps you begin tackaling that challening riff or lick, but haven't yet mastered some fundamentals picking and struming, so can't ever "figure it out". Unfortunetly if you don't play many things with correct technique you'll never be able to play them right, only adding to your frustration. 
Learn to practice correctly

Yes, unfortunatley with many, if not all aspects of practicing guitar how you practice will make the upmost difference in your progress. Have your ever heard the saying practice makes perfect? Unfortunatley an endless amount of incorrect practice will only still yield incorrect results. Even if you practice guitar 100 hours a day, if you practice it wrong, it will still be wrong the 101st hour. Correct practice makes perfect, not just practice!  

Save time and money

Since my programs are custom tailored to your goals you will improve rapidly, saving you money, time and especially frustration, and boredom.

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